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COLLAB Model of Accounting

Collaborative Accounting Process

On-Demand accounting services built to complement your accounting team’s tactical needs. Through the COLLAB model of accounting, companies can complement their existing accounting teams with the tactical support they need to drive accounting success.


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How do I use the COLLAB Model of Accounting?

Uses of the COLLAB Model of Accounting

Accounts Payable – Quality accounts management and reputable tools to ensure consistency and scalability.
Accounts Receivable – Automated processes that increase the health of your accounting systems and bottom-line transactions each month.
Custom Reporting – Creating the reports that build the intuition a CFO or Owner will need to forecast for financial success.
Payroll Management – Accounting is a tedious process and some aspects just take up a lot of time to get done – we’ve got your back.
Financial Reporting – Financial insights that help drive strategic accounting direction to ensure the health and scalability of your company.
Integrate any accounting services from accounts payable, accounts receivable, to financial reporting to support and augment your accounting processes.
Consistency is the hallmark of a good accounting process. The COLLAB model is supported by an entire team of veteran accounting professionals. Our team ensures no matter what on-demand accounting service your company needs, it will be managed by a team rather than just one person.
Seasonal fluctuations can influence how much accounting support your company
needs. Our COLLAB process is built to support your company for the short-term and long-term.
Scale up your accounting process quickly and efficiently. Work with our accounting team to quickly fill the gaps in your accounting processes and free up your team to focus on your core-business activities.
Who is the COLLAB Model for?

COLLAB Model of Accounting

CFO’s Looking to Scale Their Companies:

While accounting direction and strategy is the CFO’s main priority, they still need an accounting team to make that vision come to life. The COLLAB model is built to support and complement CFO’s and accounting teams that just need a little more horsepower. The COLLAB model ensures stability and consistency is maintained to support company growth. Instead of building and maintaining a staff, the COLLAB model is another solution to quickly implement and handle a company’s tactical accounting needs. Constant hiring, rehiring, and training can be too time consuming for many CFO’s, which detracts them from their main accounting goals.

Tax Accountants:

Veraccounts is proud to support many tax accountants whose main focus is on high level tax consultation, rather than operational accounting. Our team’s commitment to our accounting partners empowers them to take on clients of varying needs and requirements. With our support, we are able to organize accounting structure that is easy for tax accountants to prepare. At Veraccounts, tax accountants are freed from the “tick and ties” of accounting management.

CFO’s That Need On-Demand Support:

Even fully staffed accounting teams need some tactical support now and then. CFO’s can trust and rely on the COLLAB Model to be able to come in and provide industry proven accounting support to existing accounting processes. Accounting is seasonal and sometimes workload fluctuates, this is where the flexibility and agile process of the COLLAB model shines. Through our quick on-boarding process, Veraccounts can quickly implement any on-demand accounting support to meet your deadlines.

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